Seymour Johnson Air Force Base Address
Seymour Johnson AFB NC, 27531

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Seymour Johnson AFB
North Carolina


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Seymour Johnson Air Force Base

Seymour Johnson Air Force Base is located in Goldsboro, North Carolina and has a total area of 13 km2. It serves as Air Force Base and home to the 4th Fighter Wing. Its name is a way of honoring, amazingly, a pilot in the Navy, a local hero who died in a plane crash in 1940. He was never part of the Air Force. This is a general description of Seymour Johnson AFB!

Near the base is the city of Raleigh. Seymour Johnson is proud to have the all-weather F-15E Strike Eagle and to serve the primary mission of being able to deploy aircraft and personal in situations of crisis, all staff who can proficiently execute airlift and air combat missions. Some other examples of aircraft found at Seymour Johnson are the many KC-135R, some F-100C-1-NA Super Sabre and many others.

The base's logo is interesting. It features an arrow on fire, the symbol of power, determination and direct execution. Their motto is "Forth, but first", making an allusion to the 4th Fighter Wing, garrisoned at the base. Seymour Johnson is a very presentable AFB, and it receives a lot of press. One perfect example is when, some active-duty men at the base have joined an anti-terrorism exercise, November 2007. This is, actually, the present mission in which they are involved. They are also very popularized for their air shows.

The housing opportunities at the base are uncommonly poor, but this is because the base is very populated and can no longer afford to receive newcomers. However, they have very good schooling facilities and educational centers. The attractions in this area are very few, since they are hell-bent on offering quality services to the USAF.